At OUES, we are committed to safety above all else, and this commitment is central to everything we do. Our proactive approach creates value for our clients and safeguards our most important asset: our employees. Our entire team is dedicated to maintaining a safety-focused and environmentally sound business; our safety culture is promoted by each member of our team through planning, implementing and evaluating safety practices on a daily basis.

Our safety program is proactive and action-oriented; everyone from management to trades people are involved in making a zeroincident workplace a reality. We use daily pre-task planning sessions, ongoing safety inspections, weekly safety meetings, safety seminars, special equipment training, safety manual reviews and email updates to assist in attaining our goal of zero incidents.

Our safety culture at OUES focuses on keeping motivational messages and emotions at the forefront of everything we do - every day. Family-oriented messages remind us to to keep safety at the top of our minds with posters and banners placed throughout our projects.

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